About Falon Nameplates

We are in the “Communication Business” and our clients use our products diversely to enhance their own clients lives and expectations.

Offering a bespoke manufacturing service, we use our production facilities to deliver design, pattern making, engraving 2D and 3D, machining, powder coating, printed, fabrication and finishing.

At all stages of your order rigorous quality controls are in place to ensure you receive exactly the product you want and be happy with it.

We have had numerous positive comments and compliments over the years from happy customers.

Falon Nameplates have been delivering high quality, competitively priced custom made products for over 60 years, we believe we can assist in any and all of your "communication products".

Over the last year we have produced several thousand cast bronze, cast aluminium, engraved, printed, memorials, personal, commemorative, informative and industrial items; here are a few listed below :-

  • Local Authority signage including “Blue Circle plaques”
  • Furniture makers, Stone Mason and other professional bodies
  • Machine manufacturers
  • War memorial refurbishments and additions
  • Memorial Plaques, Grave Markers and Pet memorials
  • Church Fittings
  • Anniversaries
  • Golf clubs
  • Civic Trusts
  • Royal Openings and Celebrations
  • Musicians, Artists and Sports Men & Women
  • Charities, Heritage Lottery, Donor Recognition
  • Railways
  • Royal British Legion
  • Company Registration plates


Kenneth More

Kenneth More became owner of the Falon Nameplates in 1985 and is our Managing Director.

Bringing a vast wealth of experience in casting and pattern making to the table, Kenneth is at the forefront of our sales team.

Kenneth loves discussing ideas and is the essential element in promoting your idea forwards to an actual concept.

Open and approachable and never too busy for a chat!



Fiona More

Fiona More is the Financial Director and leader of the accounts team within Falon Nameplates.

Fiona’s background in the accounting and banking industry has been of great value and has enabled her to pass on her array of experience to the other staff responsible for maintaining our accounts.

Fiona keeps her hand in on the exhibition side of the business whenever we venture out to various events across the country and loves speaking to all of our customers, old and new.



Michael Sanderson

Michael Sanderson joined Falon in 1985.

He position in the company is as overall Works Manager, responsible for overseeing the production work in Falon.

He works very closely with Kenneth and is also responsible for buying of all the materials required to produce our stunning plates.

Michael is our very own "Mr fix it", and he takes great pride in turning ideas into making your dreams possible.



Michelle Manuel

Michelle joined the company in 1997 starting as an Office Junior.

Michelle worked her way up the ladder and was promoted to Office Manager in 1999. She then became our Sales Manager in 2006 when her flair for sales was evident.

Michelle also works very closely with Kenneth to ensure all of our customers are kept up to date with their orders, producing quotations from the enquiry stage through to final production and delivery.

Michelle will be your first point of call and is always happy to discuss your ideas and enquiries.


Suzanne Reed

Suzanne Reed often referred to fondly as "Suzi" joined Falon in 2004.

Suzi shares a close bond with Michelle as they are sisters. Her knowledge from previous roles in accounts made her the automatic choice when she was given the post in the accounts department.

Suzi is responsible for dealing with all payments, generating and conveying invoices as well as looking after the dreaded VAT accounts.

As if that doesn't keep her busy enough Suzi is also our head of HR.



Marni Williams

Marni Williams joined our team in April 2014 as a Marketing Assistant. 

Marni comes from an empathetic background through previously working at Age UK; this has given her the skills to work with customers at all levels.

Working closely with Michelle, Marni is one of our first contact points for customer enquiries. She is also responsible for pricing and helping with the organisation of exhibitions that the company attends.

We are very happy and pleased to be working with Marni.



Meet The Crew

Meet the "Crew" - the unseen heroes employed by Falon Nameplates, who work endlessly to bring you the products that you have requested.

Delivering skills that have been handed down over many generations working within the industry, we have staff members that have been with us for over 25 years and now even a grandson employed to carry on the age old traditions of Falon Nameplates.

When you receive your order, these are the people who work behind the scenes to bring to you what you requested.

Dedication, care, passion and sheer skill - to serve you!