About Falon Nameplates

We are in the “Communication Business” and our clients use our products diversely to enhance their own clients lives and expectations.

Offering a bespoke manufacturing service, we use our production facilities to deliver design, pattern making, engraving 2D and 3D, machining, powder coating, printed, fabrication and finishing.

At all stages of your order rigorous quality controls are in place to ensure you receive exactly the product you want and be happy with it.

We have had numerous positive comments and compliments over the years from happy customers.

Falon Nameplates have been delivering high quality, competitively priced custom made products for over 60 years, we believe we can assist in any and all of your "communication products".

Over the last year we have produced several thousand cast bronze, cast aluminium, engraved, printed, memorials, personal, commemorative, informative and industrial items; here are a few listed below :-


  • Local Authority signage including “Blue Circle plaques”
  • Furniture makers, Stone Mason and other professional bodies
  • Machine manufacturers
  • War memorial refurbishments and additions
  • Memorial Plaques, Grave Markers and Pet memorials
  • Church Fittings
  • Anniversaries
  • Golf clubs
  • Civic Trusts
  • Royal Openings and Celebrations
  • Musicians, Artists and Sports Men & Women
  • Charities, Heritage Lottery, Donor Recognition
  • Railways
  • Royal British Legion
  • Company Registration plates