Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just make Memorial plaques?


No, we can make signs, labels, nameplates, plaques, markers & memorials.  People call them many things but we try to give you what you want both in style, material, shapes, fixings and paint finishes.


What materials do you use?


We can manufacture in many materials such as Cast bronze, Cast aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel, wood and many plastics.  The most suitable materials for outside use are Cast bronze and Cast aluminium.


Can I have a choice of colours?


Of course!  We offer a wide variety of colour finishes such as, browns, blues, greens etc.


How long do they last?


A bronze plaque will last a lifetime, they are the same materials as many war memorials you may see out and about.  The metal itself does not degrade although the lacquer will fade in time.  Lots of people prefer the aged look as opposed to a new look finish all of the time.  We offer a refurbishment service for many of our plaques which will take it back to the original finish.


How much do they cost?


They are not as expensive as you think, prices range from £15 up to £5000+ for large memorials or signage schemes.  These are priced on an individual basis and a full quotation is given with a layout of how your design will look, all free of charge and with no obligation.


How long do they take to make?


A typical memorial plaque in bronze can take 4 - 5 weeks from receipt of order.  Normally Land Rover products are in stock to be shipped the following day however sometimes these need to be made from the order which will take the 4 - 5 weeks as stated above. 


Do you just supply to the UK?


We can ship our products all over the world so not limited to just a UK supply.


How do I pay?


All orders placed within our online shop can be paid securely over the internet via card payment.  Bespoke orders, payment can be taken over the phone securely and we never keep your card details.


If you have any other questions you would like to ask please do not hesitate to contact us via this link.


Is your website secure?


Absolutely!  We have a SSL certificate installed.  You will know this because every single one of our pages on our website have the prefix https://