Memorial Plaques

At Falon we can produce bespoke memorial plaques to your specifications no matter how big or small.  Any shape or size can be accommodated up to maximum of 24" x 18". One-off's are no problem to us.  In fact every single plaque is a one-off!  We have our own foundry on site and produce everything in-house.  At every stage of your order rigorous quality controls are in place to ensure you receive exactly what you want and are happy with it.


Materials most suitable for outside are Cast Aluminium or Bronze, although we do offer other materials such as brass, perspex and mock stone.  If you require a motif or different fonts that is not a problem.  We have an array of colours to offer too!  We will be happy to advise on suitable fixings including; a stake, cast rear spikes or drill holes.


We work predominantly with local authorities (councils and crematoriums) so it is always best to check with them before contacting us as they may already have a scheme set up with us so it is best to ask them, and they can help point you in the best direction.